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Graffiti School-the way to your own style

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"Graffiti School - the way to your own style" by Christoph Ganter

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Graffiti, tags, throwups, blockbusters, wild styles - the variety of terms is as colourful as the artists' handwriting. Graffiti School" is the ultimate overview of all questions concerning art from the spray can. Even if opinions often still differ as to whether it is artful or rather criminal, at least the market has long since decided and rewards the work of activists like Banksy or Blek le Rat just as highly as that of other contemporary artists.

In this discourse, "Graffiti School" provides not only a brief overview of the beginnings of graffiti art, but above all lots of practical instructions and basic knowledge: from the composition, handling and care of graffiti equipment to illustrated step-by-step instructions for design elements and techniques. Numerous picture examples of graffiti from all over the world complement this manual. The author Christoph "Jeroo" Ganter can draw on his own experience as a graffiti artist.


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