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Portraits 1993-2018 - Søren Solkær

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"Portaits 1993-2018" by Søren Solkær

(English version)

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Large format, 288-page hardcover book with 235 portraits from 1993 to 2018.

The collection of photographs by Søren Solkær begins with a group of works entitled "Photographers Posed", which he initiated during his studies at the Film Academy in Prague. In this series, he documents master photographers such as Jan Sauden, Anton Corbijin and Shanta Rao.

Søren has photographed the most iconic rock and pop stars, yogis in India, fans at a music festival and street performers around the world.

"Portraits" was published on the occasion of Søren Solkær's exhibition at the Natural History Museum in Denmark in January 2018.



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