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Banksy - Alessandra Mattanza

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Banksy - Alessandra Mattanza

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Of rats, monkeys and balloons - Banksy's great art of the street

Who owns the art? Street art and its most famous protagonist Banksy are at the centre of this question like hardly any other art form. On the one hand a criminal act (damage to property), on the other traded at top prices at auctions, street art divides opinions: is it art or does it have to go? For more than twenty years, Banksy's iconic figures, rats, monkeys, girls with balloons and kissing policemen, have appeared on house walls and firewalls in Britain and other places around the world. But who - or what - is behind the name Banksy? In this major overview work, author Alessandra Mattanza goes in search of clues and discovers lots of interesting and interesting facts about the artist and his political and social commitment, but much more about his art, because: Banksy is a message.

Hardcover, paperback, 240 pages, 23.0 x 30.0 cm, 175 colour illustrations
Published 14 February 2022


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