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Blurring Boundaries - Extending The Limits Of Graffiti

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"Blurring Boundaries - Extending The Limits Of Graffiti by Hendrik "ECB" Beikirch

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Hendrik "ECB" Beikirch first held a spray can in his hands back in the 80s. He used it as an instrument to leave his mark on trains. Eventually, he devoted himself fully to legal art and exchanged the metal for canvas and façades. From then on, the only connection to the illegal past was his pseudonym - the three letters that connect his first and last name.

Today, Beikirch is best known for his remarkably personal portraits, which adorn canvases and entire high-rise walls, telling their own unique story.

On 208 pages, the book documents Beikirch's works of recent years, from his work in the studio to murals in record dimensions. In the South Korean megacity of Busan, for example, he left behind the highest mural in Asia at a height of 70 metres.

Impressively, he takes the viewer on a very personal journey beyond all boundaries of art.


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